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Helpful FAQs About Social Security Disability
Find out everything you need to know about Social Security disability from AAA Disability Advocates, which is a part of Disability Law.

How Much Is the Fee?

Our fees are contingency based, so if we don't win your Social Security case, you don't owe us anything. If you do win, our fee is 25% of the back benefits that you are issued. All future benefits are yours!

How Soon Do I Start Receiving Benefits?

When you start receiving benefits depends on your specific case. If your initial application is successful, you'll start receiving benefits in about 6 months. The best way to have your application accepted is to make sure that it's complete. Our thorough team has a very high acceptance rate and has filled out thousands of applications.

However, most initial applications are denied. If your claim is denied, you have 60 days to appeal, which will likely be reviewed again before it goes to the hearing level.

Cases requiring a hearing can take 2 to 3 years to resolve. No matter what happens, we'll represent you every step of the way.
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How Much Will My Benefits Be?

The amount of money you get will depend on your specific claim. There are a number of factors that can affect your benefits, such as how many dependents you have and your household's gross monthly income. You will also likely receive Medicaid or Medicare benefits.
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How Do I Know If I'm Eligible?

To qualify for Social Security disability, you must have accumulated 20 work credits over the last 10 years. Workers can earn up to 4 credits per year, so this would mean you have worked about half of the last 10 years.

Your application and disability report are reviewed, and a determination is made by your local district office regarding medical disability. However, this is a determination of eligibility. If you are not eligible, you may qualify for supplemental security income (SSI).

The claim is sent to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) office if you qualify non-medically, and they'll review your records. It is easiest to have your claim accepted if you have evidence from several doctors over a long period. If you have not seen a doctor, the office may schedule an appointment for you at their expense.
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